High Quality T1 Camo Hunting Compound Bow Archery Set Adjustable

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Brand Name: topoint archery Use: Hunting
Type: Bow & Arrow Set



High performance dual cam system

Adjustable 15-70lbs draw weight and 19"-30" draw length

Application of rubber damper and string silencer makes the shooting more stable and less noisE

CNC machined aluminum Cams


Main specifications


IBO Rating up to 320 fps

Axle - to -Axle: 30(inch)
Brace Height: 8"
Draw weight: 15-70lbs ,adjustable

Draw Lengths: 19"-30"(inch), adjustable

Let-off: 80%
Bow Weight: 3.85 lbs

Brace height:7(inch)


Package Content

1 xT1 Compound bow

1 x D-Loop

1 x Peep hole

1 x 5-pin opt sight

1 x Brush arrow rest

1 x Stablizer

1 x Wrist sling

1 x Allen Wrench Set

x Instruction